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Best Moroccan wines – Restaurant Riad Monceau is pleased to provide full information about the most interesting wines produced in Morocco

Best Moroccan wines – Blog by Restaurant Riad Monceau – If the capacity of the Moroccan vineyards (50 millions bottles per year or so) cannot yet compete with California’s, the Sharifi Kingdom features nevertheless exceptionnal assets – a rich and diverse geology, an ideal meteorology – which are likely to make it a future wine paradise.

Even though the idea might seem strange at first sight today, it is actually less surprising than it appears if one remembers that, since Antiquity, Mococco as always been a privileged land for vineyards and wine.

The contemporary Moroccan vineyard takes its expansion, from 1880, thanks to the emigration of French winemakers defeated by phylloxera, and since, their descendants and successors have continued to invest and gradually refine their skills to offer more and more subtle and complex wines, the best of them now deserving to be served at the finest tables.

Beside the excellent chapter about the best Moroccan wines in the book “The Riad Monceau – a palace of Moroccan gastronomy” (la Croisée des Chemins editors) we are very pleased to present here these beautiful wines born under the sun that will of course ideally pair with all Moroccan recipes presented in this book but also, more generally, with all Eastern or Mediterranean-style dishes.

The best Moroccan recipes and best Moroccan wines by Rachida Sahnoune, chef at restaurant Riad Monceau

The international distribution of some of these great wines still remaining a bit confidential, we will provide on this blog, with the help of the most important wine producers, a regularly updated information about where to find the best Moroccan wines outside Morocco (wine merchants, websites,…).

You can have a look here at the online overview of the book of the Riad Monceau about Moroccan gastronomy and Moroccan wines on ISSUU