Shopping in Marrakech

A guide of the best addresses in Marrakech

A guide of the best addresses where to go shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech

Though it does not seek to compete with large cities such as London or Paris, Marrakech is a city that is still attractive in many ways and it is not uncommon to leave it the arms – and luggage – full of multiple purchases.

Of course Morocco has always been famous for its handicrafts but Marrakech has changed a lot within the last few years and, beside the basic local workshops, you can now find here luxury shops, stores and even designer workshops where artists of great talent combine the most contemporary vision and ancestral know-how to produce some really – and unique – interesting pieces.

We intend to share with you in this topic some of our favorite places,  in the medina (old quarter), Guéliz (modern city) as well as in Sidi Ghanem, the activity area where concentrate many workshops, factories and warehouses where costs can still be interesting even though, because of the recent development of the city, most prices now tend to approach those of Europe.