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Val d’Argan – Best Moroccan wines

Val d’Argan wines – A must and a reference among the great wines of Morocco

Best Moroccan wines / Val d’Argan – As part of its blog dedicated to the presentation of the best Moroccan wines, Restaurant Riad Monceau is very pleased to introduce one of its best finds : the Val d’Argan wines from the Val d’Argan estate, property of Charles Mélia.

At an age when many aspire to live an easy life Charles Mélia decides that his own life as a Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine producer is definitely too well settled. So at nearly 50 years old he entrusted the keys of his estate to his eldest daughter, Anne-Charlotte, and go and explore the world in search of a new wine “Eldorado”. A new adventure, a new start in life.

It is finally in Morocco, land of his childhood, that the Val d’Argan will born in 1994, a family estate created from scratch in the middle of olive trees, a few kilometers from the white Essaouira. Four long years will be needed to construct, develop, gradually clear of stones and plant 30 acres of grapes from the Rhone Valley.

Become a new land of great wines, Southern Morocco now gives birth each year to a new vintage of the different wines that make up the range of the Val d’Argan: The Gazelle of Mogador, El Mogador, The Val d’Argan, Orients of the Val d’Argan, all from organic farming. Many elegant and genuine wines, born of the passion of a man for his job and the desire to make wine without any constraints other than those dictated by the nature itself.

Present at the finest restaurants in the Kingdom – and of course at Restaurant Riad Monceau which has made them its favorite – and soon available in France thanks to the work of Emmanuelle Mélia, who joined her father in 2007, the wines of the Val d’Argan fall within the high-end production with Moroccan wines in particular, the “Orients Blanc”, an exceptional vintage grown in barrels of French “Haut Sauternois”. The ultimate Moroccan white wine for most experts.

The Val d’Argan wines are to be tasted during a gourmet short break in Morocco or discovered – to start with – in the beautiful book that Riad Monceau have dedicated to the best of Moroccan cuisine and wines (a worldwide premiere) and which can be overviewed on ISSUU.