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Tandem red wine – Moroccan wines

Tandem red wine – Blog of best Moroccan wines by Restaurant Riad Monceau, Marrakech

Great Moroccan wines / Tandem Red Wine – As part of its blog dedicated to the best Moroccan wines, Restaurant Riad Monceau is very pleased to introduce one of its best finds : Tandem red wine, by Alain Graillot.

From the meeting in 2003 between Alain Graillot (Crozes-Hermitage, Saint Joseph) and Thalvin was born TANDEM, one of the most interesting wines from the current Moroccan production.

The collaboration between Morocco and France is known for its fertility and the history of TANDEM is one of the most beautiful illustrations ever.

In 2003, during a visit to the Moroccan vineyard Alain Graillot, great French wine producer in the Northern Rhône (Crozes-Hermitage, Saint Joseph) and artist in love with the grape vineyard of Syrah, meets Thalvin teams (one of the leading wine producers in Morocco) to the cellar of the Ouled Thaleb estate in Benslimane.

Attracted by the quality of work done on the Syrah and the rich soils, Alain Graillot decides to engage in a collaboration with his fellow Moroccan winemaker that will lead quickly to a friendship which first result is the birth of TANDEM, a sumptuous wine where one can found all the knowledge of a magician of the wine together with the typicity of the Moroccan vineyard.

On the nose, this vintage is proving very expressive. The complex bouquet of aromas, combining notes of ripe black fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry) enhanced by spicy notes, evolves into a cocoa final note. The wine is balanced and harmonious in the mouth, the aftertaste is a remarkable, and an elegant bitterness and astringency on the finish suggest that if TANDEM can of course be enjoyed now, it will also be exciting to see it evolve over the years.

So it is definitely a “winner tandem” we’ve got here and that opens up more than cheering perspectives for the future of Moroccan wines.

Tandem red wine is part of the book of the best Moroccan recipes and wines by Rachida Sahnoune, chef at restaurant Riad Monceau

The exquisite Tandem red wine is to be tasted during a gourmet short break in Morocco or discovered – as a start – in the beautiful book that Restaurant Riad Monceau has dedicated to the best of Moroccan cuisine and wines (a worldwide premiere) : “Riad Monceau – Palace of Moroccan gastronomy” which can be overviewed on ISSUU. Get more information on this page of the present website.