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Riad Monceau’s cookbook

Riad Monceau’s book : a beautiful Moroccan cookbook but also a travel book to retrieve Riad Monceau’s cuisine’s magic on glossy paper

It’s now been almost 10 years since the Riad Monceau strives to represent the best that Morocco and Marrakech have to offer : architecture, tradition of hospitality, lifestyle, gastronomy, … a strong and constant commitment that is rewarded today with the publishing of Riad Monceau’s book : The Riad Monceau – A palace of Moroccan gastronomy available at all bookstores.

Published by the great Moroccan editor La Croisée des Chemins, this luxury Moroccan cookbook was thought as an hymn to this extraordinary city that is Marrakech, perfect symbol of today’s Morocco, a country firmly heading towards future and modernity, but also strong of its culture and traditions that make its richness.

Featuring 284 pages under a canvased hard cover, the book is formed of 4 great chapters allowing the reader to discover the 1001 aspects of the Riad Monceau as a charm hotel and a prestigious gourmet restaurant :

Part 1 : An oriental dream – Discovery of the Riad Monceau, a gem of arabo-andalusian architecture. An introduction chapter to discover the Riad Monceau, its history and origins with dozens of beautiful photos by Ludovic Antoine to visit the many parts of the hotel.
Part 2 : A palace of Moroccan gastronomy – Restaurant Riad Monceau, a highlight of Moroccan gastronomy in Marrakech. The genesis of the restaurant, from the initial guest table to the famous gourmet restaurant.
Part 3 : Cooking secrets – 56 great recipes of Moroccan gastronomy by Rachida Sahnoune, the chef of restaurant Riad Monceau. The cookbook that the amateurs were hoping for ! All you need to cook at home the famous recipes that have made restaurant Riad Monceau’s reputation.
Part 4 : Borned under the sun – Exclusive guide of the greatest Moroccan wines. A worlwide première ! Restaurant Riad Monceau is proud to publish the very first guide of these beautiful but almost unknown wines borned under the sun.

Riad Monceau’s clientele being international, Riad Monceau’s book is entirely bilingual french/english. For practical purpose the 1st and 4th covers are in French, their english translation being inside the cover.

” I hope this book will allow those who know Marrakech, and love it as we do, to take home a little part of the magic of this extraordinary city in their luggage, and those who do not know it yet to discover some its treasures “. Isabelle Aubry.

Buy Riad Monceau’s book : « The Riad Monceau – A palace of Moroccan gastronomy » is available since early 2012 in most bookstores, Fnac, Virgin Megastores as well as on Amazon. Do not hesitate to ask your usual bookshop to order it for you with the following references : Code EAN : 9 789954 103647 – ISBN : 978-9954-1-0364-7. Author and photographer : Ludovic Antoine.

A special limited edition of 500 numbered copies, presented in luxury hard boxes, is also available directly at the riad. Please contact us for availability, price and delivery conditions.

Feel free to have a look at the digital digest of the book that is now available on ISSUU.


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