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Riad Monceau’s cookbook

It’s now been almost 10 years since the Riad Monceau strives to represent the best that Morocco and Marrakech have to offer : architecture, tradition of hospitality, lifestyle, gastronomy, … a strong and constant commitment that is rewarded today with the publishing of Riad Monceau’s book : The Riad Monceau – A palace of Moroccan gastronomy available at all bookstores. Published by the great Moroccan editor La Croisée des Chemins, this luxury Moroccan cookbook was thought as an hymn to this extraordinary city that is Marrakech, perfect symbol of today’s Morocco, a country firmly heading towards future and modernity, but also strong…


The Riad Monceau in the media

TV shows, documentaries, magazine articles, … Le Riad Monceau is regularly highlighted in the media, as a Marrakech renowned boutique hotel or leading Moroccan gourmet restaurant, as a famous Moroccan cooking school or else as Isabelle Aubry’s property, the French designer – owner of the Riad Monceau -being famous for her works –  impressive contemporary  tapestries  inspired by traditional Moroccan mosaics – that are regularly exhibited in major fine art galleries in Morocco. We will certainly keep you informed here of our current media news to allow you to follow us in our various activities. Of course you can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube that are directly accessible on the right side of your screen. Just click on the “I Love” button to automatically join us on Facebook which will allow you to hear from us…