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All about Moroccan food

Though North African cuisine is usually highlighted by the couscous, this world famous meal is actually rather of Tunisian and Algerian origin. Yet, Morocco is essentially the homeland of tajines and pastillas that are true symbolons of Moroccan food. Unlike couscous, which is fairly easy to prepare and as a result gained international success, tajines are more complex dishes and require specific preparation. Therefore, Moroccan cuisine has remained a traditional family cuisine that is less exported to the world than couscous. Moroccan food is a Mediterranean cuisine in a broad sense. Multiple influences can be traced such as an Arab…


Moroccan gastronomy

The Moroccan gastronomy is reputed to be one of the best in the world and Rachida Sahnoune, chef of Restaurant Riad Monceau is certainly one of its best ambassadors. She will share here with you some of her best Moroccan recipes and explain how to make them. Recipes of tajines, pastilles, couscous, Moroccan salads… many specialties that have made the reputation of Restaurant Riad Monceau and that we are going to teach you here. You can of course come to learn and experiment directly “on site” during a stay in Marrakech by joining one of the Moroccan cooking classes that are held each morning in the kitchen of Restaurant Riad Monceau (note: only 4 to 5 participants are admitted per set so it is highly recommended to make reservations well in advance). In case you are interested in Moroccan cuisine and…